Why do people use Digital Screencast?
Digital Screencast is used by millions of people around the world who are using a better way to communicate. In the business world, Digital Screencast has improved communication, productivity and efficiency for nearly every department. Beyond that, individuals have found more amazing ways to use Digital Screencast than we can even keep track of.
Do I have to download software to use Digital Screencast?
Nope. Digital Screencast is a lightweight extension for Google Chrome. Just click install in the Chrome Web Store and Digital Screencast will always be accessible right in your browser.
What are the requirements to use Digital Screencast?
A computer running the latest version of Google Chrome (including Chromebooks and Chromeboxes) A Google account 1GB of free memory, since all recording are temporarily stored locally before being uploaded to Google Drive
Is Digital Screencast free?
Digital Screencast Basic is completely free, forever. The Basic version let’s you record videos up to 10 minutes in length, and up to 60 videos per month. The free version also has a Digital Screencast watermark in the corner of your recordings. So test out Basic, risk free! Then, if you’d like to go beyond 10 minutes and record unlimited videos with no watermark, you can always upgrade to Premium.
Where does Digital Screencast store my videos?
You control where your data is stored. All of your recordings can be safely stored and encrypted in your Google Drive account or locally on your device. If you choose to store your recordings locally, your video files are stored on a sandboxed local HTML5 file system managed by Chrome. This file system resides in the profile directory of Chrome, but cannot be accessed directly with a file browser of your operating system. To export a file to a regular file system, use the “Save to Disk” button inside Digital Screencast.
Does Digital Screencast work offline?
Yes, Digital Screencast works offline. You can record, edit and save videos locally without an internet connection. Naturally, you won’t be able to save your recordings on Google Drive until you go online again.
Is there a recording limit?
Digital Screencast Basic (our 100% free version) has a recording limit of 10 minutes per video, and up to 60 videos per month. Our premium plan allows unlimited recording time and unlimited videos.
What's the difference between Digital Screencast Basic and Premium?
Digital Screencast Premium has no recording limits, no watermark, and provides full access to our editing tools. For a full comparison of our plans, see our pricing page.
Will my Premium subscription automatically renew after a year?
By default, your Premium subscription will be scheduled to automatically renew one year after you purchase it. You can turn autorenew on or off on our website, in Billing.
Will I lose my recordings if my Premium subscription expires?
No, you won’t lose any of your recordings. Your app will just revert to the Basic version, leaving your existing recordings untouched.
Will the watermark on my old videos go away after I upgrade?
No. Similarly, the videos create during your Premium subscription will never have a watermark reintroduced if you decide to downgrade.

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